Did you know? UNE Members Have Access to Compensation for Union Education

On day two of Convention, the delegates debated Resolution GEN 12. The committee recommended that members be compensated $75 per day on weekends or outside working hours when attending a PSAC or CLC sanctioned educational event.

What stood out during the discussion however, was that members didn’t realize they already had access to compensation of $50 per day, as per a resolution of record from 2021. The convention floor passed GEN 12 so now that amount has been increased to $75.

It’s important for activists to know about the opportunities they have available to them as members of UNE.

To claim the $75, simply fill out a UNE expense form and provide proof of participation. You can then submit your claim to Christine.Sanders@une-sen.org.

For more information on educational events, check out the courses available from your PSAC Regional Office and the Canadian Labour Congress.