Convention Day Two – We Have a Budget!

The Credentials Committee reported first thing in the morning that we have 180 delegates at this year’s Triennial Convention. After some administrative announcements, it was right back to business with the Finance Committee and a lively debate on the budget. Delegates got behind all the work done and passed the budget with a strong showing of support.

Next, the Constitution and Bylaws Committee presented its report. Three resolutions were debated and voted on:

  • CS 2 – The National Vice-President for Human Rights
  • CS 1 – Statement of Duties – National Vice-President for Occupational Health and Safety
  • CS 3 – Abolishment of Term Limits in 2026

Resolutions CS 2 and CS 1 passed, while CS 3 was defeated.

Following lunch, Larry Rousseau, CLC Executive Vice-President, gave the Convention a passionate speech that energized the delegates and left them singing in the hall.

The General Resolutions Committee were next up and dealt with three resolutions in the afternoon:

  • Composite GEN 7A – PSAC – Strike Pay
  • GEN 3 – UNE National Youth Conference – Each Cycle
  • GEN 12 – PSAC and any Canadian Labour Congress Sanctioned Education Event

All three resolutions were passed by the Convention Floor.

We hope all the delegates had a great time in the evening at the Royal Ontario Museum!