Convention Day Three – Human Rights at the forefront on the Convention Floor!

August 24, 2023

After the first Credentials Committee report, delegates got right back to business with the Finance Committee. The following resolutions were presented, debated and voted on:

  • FIN 1 – Removal of UNE Local Financial Review or Audit for calendar year end
  • FIN 2 – Modification to Policy FIN 1

    Delegates listened to a fantastic panel monitored by the 2023 Convention Chair Sharon De Sousa on health and safety in the workplace with panelists Uppala Chandresekara, Director of Public Health at Toronto Public Health, Fatima Gardaad, National Coordinator on Anti-Racism and Human Rights at the Canadian Labour Congress, and Andrea Peart, National Health and Safety Officer with the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

It was back to Convention proceedings for the first part of the afternoon with the Bylaws & Constitution Resolutions Committee and the General Resolutions Committee. Four resolutions were debated and voted on:

  • CS 10 – Relocation of Full Time National President and Vice-President
  • CS 4 – Increase Number of Allotted Delegates to UNE Triennial Conventions
  • Amended CS 7 – Structural Review of UNE
  • GEN 17 – Search the Landfill

    GEN 17 was an emergency resolution about launching national Search the Landfill campaign by the UNE Human Rights Committee. As stated in the resolution’s rationale, “[i]ndigenous women and girls are not disposable and deserve dignity, and the families deserve closure.” The resolution passed unanimously.

The all-candidates debate took place in the second part of the afternoon to allow delegates to discover the respective candidates’ platforms for tomorrow’s national elections.