UNE Members at Treasury Board: Have questions about PSAC’s strike vote announcement?

Following PSAC’s announcement, UNE wants to ensure that our members have the following information around strike training, strike action, as well as strike pay.

What was announced?

It’s important to know that we are not yet at strike action. What was announced today is a strike vote. This means that all UNE members who are covered by the Treasury Board collective agreements, will be able to vote on taking strike action in the coming months. This vote is crucially important and demonstrates to the employer that we are ready to fight for what we deserve.

Register now to take part in the strike vote. Once you’ve attended an info session, you have the whole voting period to submit your vote!

Where can I get more information about a potential strike?

We have been receiving many questions about strike action in the past weeks, and while we love hearing from you, we recognize that everyone is looking for information and the PSAC has put together an online strike course that answers most of your questions! Register here.

PSAC also has a strike manual that you can find here.

Furthermore, the PSAC has organized town halls that you can register to attend. Find the list here.

How much is strike pay?

PSAC pays members 75$ per day for each member who takes part in strike action.

Who do I contact for more information around strike?

Seeing as the entity responsible for bargaining is the PSAC, they are best placed to be able to answer your specific questions. The best course of action if you have outstanding questions if to contact your PSAC Regional Office.