Next Generation Human Resources and Pay Pilot by the Federal Government – Update

September 27, 2021

The federal government announced last week that Ceridian HCM Holding Inc., an American company founded in Canada in 2009, had been awarded an important contract to replace the wretched Phoenix payroll system.

The Next Generation Human Resources and Pay pilot will start at Canadian Heritage where a new “cloud-based human resources software platform” called Dayforce will be used, as part of the pilot.

“With our global leadership in human capital management, complemented by our deep and longstanding commitment to Canada, we are in a unique position to support Canada’s digital-first vision for modern, mobile, and accessible HR and pay processes,” said David Ossip, Chairman and CEO, Ceridian. “We look forward to continuing our work with the Government of Canada, unions, and employees by providing our intelligent HR and payroll solutions to our hard-working federal public servants.”

UNE is happy to see that the Next Generation Human Resources and Pay pilot is entering a new phase but wants to make sure unions are consulted during the entire pilot process, especially UNE because our members at Canadian Heritage will be the first ones using that software.