Harper Stopped


After ten years of cuts to government services, lies about security and climate change, disrespect to indigenous people and deception to Canadians on so many other levels, voters stormed the polls and finally put a stop to Stephen Harper and his conservative regime. Canada has voted to stop the cuts.

“It has been obvious to our members and it became obvious to Canadians during this election that parliament was broken, ruled by a secretive and dishonest government,” said UNE national president Doug Marshall. “We hope to work with the incoming government to establish positive labour relations and hold the Liberals to the promises they outlined in their party’s platform.”

Some of those promises we will watch closely include:

  • Restoring a public service where employees are respected and valued
  • Increasing taxes for our country’s highest earners
  • Increasing the funding for needed infrastructure projects
  • Establishing an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women
  • Repealing various anti-worker and anti-union laws

The Union of National Employees is prepared to work with the new government in order to achieve positive change for Canadians and a strong and effective public service.