2024 Women’s Conference Steering Committee Selection


The Union of National Employees Women’s Conference will be held this fall in the National Capital Region. We are excited to begin planning for the event and to get started with the work needed to make the event successful.

The National President, Alisha Kang, has appointed the National Executive Vice-President, Hayley Millington to chair the committee and she has chosen Mirelle Jaillet, the National Equity Representative for Women, and Carole Maillet, from the Francophone Committee as her co-chairs.

In preparation, we are creating a small steering committee. Our Conference committee will meet weekly via teleconference and, when necessary, in person. Meetings will be scheduled during the day and if you miss work to attend the meeting, a union leave letter will be provided for you.

The steering committee will include the following members:

  • One woman from each UNE region
  • One woman from the Francophone Committee
  • UNE Event Staff
  • One woman who has never attended an event

The committee will assist UNE Event Staff with the following and contribute to the overall organization of the conference:

  • Determining the program and organizing the agenda
  • Selection of subject matter and speakers for the conference
  • UNE branded items & activities

Nominations should include a short paragraph from the nominee explaining why the member would be a good fit for this committee. Please submit your nomination to Suzanne Boucher no later than June 28, 2024.