UNE Young Workers Shine at First Conference; UNE To create first ever Young Workers Committee

UNE youth members gathered from April 18-21 for the first ever Young Workers Conference and left on Sunday looking forward to the next.

“You could feel the energy at registration on Thursday and it lasted all weekend long,” said UNE national president Alisha Kang. “The future of our union, our workforce, showed their strength and desire to make positive change.”

In the midst of networking opportunites, educational workshops and captivating guest speaker appearances, Allison Fraser, Vice-President of Local 80178, put the question to those gathered; why don’t the young workers have more voice within UNE?

The UNE president quickly came to the mic and declared the creation of the first ever UNE Young Workers Standing Committee.

Allison and her peers were impressed with how quickly their voices were heard.

“Better representation leads to better engagement and supports the union’s future success. Giving a voice to the younger demographic in our membership helps foster intergenerational solidarity and creates a mentorship environment that welcomes new members. Young workers have a unique perspective and different needs than older union members. By encouraging young members to take on leadership roles in the union as they advance in their careers, the union remains relevant and appealing to its new members.”

Ryan Lipski, who was on the steering committee for the conference, was happy to see their vision come to fruition:

“This conference encapsulates the power of young workers in standing up and advocating for the future they want for their union, their workplaces, and their communities.”

The next Young Workers Conference will be held during the next mandate, sometime after the triennial Convention in 2026.