UNE Statement on the Recent Alberta Government Decision to Ban Gender-Affirming Treatments

UNE stands with the 2SLGBTQ+ Community. We support their safety and access to care. We condemn the gender identity policy changes recently unveiled by the Alberta Government.

There is an alarming rise of anti-trans and anti-queer actions, policies, and hate across the country. Two-Spirit, trans, and gender diverse people are already vulnerable without these additional attacks on their rights.

This new policy is very invasive and places unnecessary restrictions on transgender youth. Students 15 and under will require parental consent to change their names or pronouns at school. Furthermore, this new policy would refuse any youth under the age of 15 the use of puberty blockers. They are a safe, reversible and medically proven method of temporarily delaying physical changes caused by puberty.  Such a prohibition will seriously harm the mental health of transgender youth.

UNE has always supported Human Rights. We will continue to fight to preserve the rights of the Two-Spirit, trans, and gender diverse members within our communities.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact the UNE Human Rights Committee.