A Holiday Message from your UNE National President


It somehow feels as though the 2023 convention was so long ago and yet it was only four short months ago that a new National Executive was elected.

We moved out of trusteeship to Administration just over a month ago.

I can’t help but reflect on the amazing year UNE has had. We have demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. I want each of you to know you inspire me to be a leader worthy of such amazing union siblings.

Earlier this year I lost my father Valient (2023) to join the Ancestors in the big circle along with my stepfather Dad (2021) Roland and my mother Linda (2019). We have lost members and family over the 2023. I wish you comfort over the holiday season in your grief.

Many of you took part in Canada’s largest strike in our history. I couldn’t be more amazed by how you came together in Solidarity.  I thank you for standing on the line to advance changes in the labour causes.

As we enter the traditional Christian Holiday Season, I can’t help but think of those struggling in the world for safety and peace from other religious denominations and of how fortunate I am.

Some of you may be far from your families and homelands but know many of your union siblings are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your struggles.

Whether the Holiday season is one you celebrate or not as we lead up to 2024, I would like to wish you well. I want to thank those of you that will provide others with time off to be with their families to celebrate the holidays and hope that you will also take some time to rest.

Those of us that will be off, may you find love and comfort in those around you as this has been another tumultuous year. Our collective efforts make us stronger.

My wishes for the 2023/2026 mandate are that:

We love and embrace our union siblings in their struggles.

Let us lend each other our collective strength through sharing knowledge and mentorship.

We will empower each other.

We will comfort each other when we stumble.

We will celebrate each other’s wins.

We the oppressed will strive to thrive.

Thank you./Merci, ᏙᎾᏓᎪᎲᎢ “di-da-yo-li-hv-dv-ga-le-ni-s-gv,” (Cherokee: Until we meet again)

Pronom: Elle

Pronouns: She/her

Alisha Campbell

National President

Union of National Employees, PSAC