UNE Leadership Stands in Solidarity with FSE-CSQ

This week UNE leadership, attending a training and planning session, marched in solidarity with the Syndicat des enseignantes et enseignants des Laurentides (SEEL-CSQ). They are on a 3-day strike this week and will announce an unlimited strike soon if no fair deal is reached.  

“These workers have been offered crumbs while the province has given their parliamentary leaders cakes,” said UNE National President Alisha Campbell. ” We stand in solidarity with our union family members.” 

As a mark of solidarity, UNE will make a donation to SEEL-CSQ.

The members have been offered 10.3% over 5 years, which pales in comparison to the 30% raise Premier Legault gave his elected provincial politicians. 

For more information on this strike, you can read this FSE-CSQ press release (in French).