PSAC NBoD Votes to Remove UNE from Trusteeship

On October 21, 2022, the PSAC National Board of Directors (NBoD) placed UNE in trusteeship. As a result, a team was put in place including a Trustee, Administrators, and Deputy Trustees, who collaborated with assigned assistants in each region. Since then, this team and UNE staff have worked hard to ensure that UNE members continued to receive services from their Component and that a plan was put in place for the Component to regain its autonomy.

Today, the PSAC NBoD voted to transition UNE from trusteeship to administration, and the NBoD will review the administration of UNE at their next meeting in February 2024. What this means is the newly elected UNE leadership will immediately assume their responsibilities, work with the Administrators, and continue to receive guidance and resources from the PSAC National Office.

Sharon DeSousa, UNE Trustee and PSAC National Executive Vice-President, was satisfied with the progress achieved within UNE over the past year and presented the motion at the PSAC NBoD to move UNE from trusteeship to administration.

“Several accomplishments have been made over the past year as UNE worked towards the Triennial Convention. We held a successful Human Rights Conference last November, six Regional Seminars across the country, brought 85 Locals back into conformance, and continued to deliver the high service level that UNE members expect and deserve. Finally, we passed several important resolutions and elected new leadership at the Triennial Convention in August.”

The Deputy Trustees and their teams provided sound governance and strategic oversight over the past year. It’s now time to pass the baton to the UNE leaders elected at Convention to continue this work and advance the Component. This period of administration is important, to allow for this transition and collaboration to build a strong foundation for UNE’s future.

For more information, the UNE website has published a complete list of National Officers and Regional Teams.