International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: Everyone deserves access to basic needs

Access to basic human rights including water, food, and housing – is increasingly at risk or out of reach for many communities in Canada and countries around the world. As a union, our fight today and every day is to raise the standard of living for all workers, secure decent and safe working conditions, and  help build equitable communities everywhere.  

PSAC’s Social Justice Fund has been supporting the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity since 2013 following the collapse of the Rana Plaza building that killed over 1,200 workers and injured thousands of others.   

Bangladeshi garment workers are the lowest paid garment workers in the world – earning a minumum wage equivalent to 46 cents an hour, hardly enough to live on.   

Under constant pressure to meet production targets, garment workers take on excessive hours while their wages barely allow them to meet their basic needs. Workers are also subjected to physical and mental abuse on the production line.  

Today, we re-commit ourselves to the global fight for workers, human rights and access to basic needs for all.