PSAC responds to Minister Fortier’s open letter to members

It’s clear the Liberal government is feeling the pressure as we escalate our strike actions across the country. But we’ve been clear – the offer the government has on the table simply doesn’t cut it. And while we’ve had our sleeves rolled up for the past two years and have been ready to negotiate day and night to reach a fair deal, this government has consistently dragged out negotiations and tried to nickel and dime Canada’s workers. 

Without a wage increase since the beginning of the pandemic, our members have fallen behind inflation to the tune of nearly 11% of their earnings. After losing more ground to runaway prices than workers in any other sector for years, the government is now saying Canada’s public service workers should be happy with an offer that leaves them even further behind. 

And let’s not forget, these are the same members who delivered essential services to Canadians in a time of crisis. Imagine working every day and not having a contract, and because of Phoenix, not even knowing if you will be paid at all. These are regular Canadians who show up day in and day out to do the work that keeps our country running. 

We came to the table with demands that reflect the need for significant change in our members’ workplaces. Workers deserve fair wages that keep up with rising costs, remote work to be spelled out in their contract and better job security. Those demands haven’t been met at the table, and we will continue to prioritize the needs of our members until we reach a fair deal. 

The truth is, we don’t want a strike any more than our members; any more than Canadians; any more than this government. But we’ve been at the table for nearly two years. How long can workers wait? 

We’re calling on the Liberal government to work with us on getting to a fair deal so that members can leave the picket lines behind and return to the work they’re proud to do.