UNE Trusteeship Update

The Union of National Employees was placed in trusteeship by the PSAC National Board of Directors on October 21, 2022. Since then, several updates have been made to help the component progress on its journey out of trusteeship, with a goal of accomplishing this in time for next August when the Triennial Convention is scheduled.

UNE was placed in trusteeship due to governance issues and not for financial reasons. UNE currently finds itself in a very sound financial position. As a result, all elected officers were relieved of their positions and the membership will elect a new National Executive at the next Convention.

What does this mean for members of UNE?

For members looking for help, support and service levels remain unchanged, and every effort will be made to maintain business as usual. UNE staff and local officers remain available to provide assistance and support to the UNE membership. Elected officers have been replaced by Deputy Trustees who have been assigned to each region. The Deputy Trustees are here to support Locals with their work, including representing UNE on LMCC’s running general meetings, working on grievances and staffing complaints.

You can find each Deputy Trustee, their assigned region, and their contact information on the UNE website:

  • Chris Little-Gagne = Ottawa/Gatineau
  • Diane Levola = Ontario
  • Yvon Beaudoin = Quebec
  • Geoff Ryan = Alberta/NWT/Nunavut
  • Gail Budgell = Atlantic
  • Gloria Pfeifer = Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • Shirley Torres = British Columbia/Yukon

The trusteeship has not changed the roles and responsibilities of UNE locals or local officers. Members are expected to continue to contact their Locals as their first point of contact. They will then contact the assigned Deputy Trustee, as required.

Any questions about component business can be directed to the Deputy Trustees or UNE Staff.

Questions about Trusteeship should be directed to John Gordon, Administrator or Mark Pecek, Assistant Administrator.

In solidarity,

Sharon DeSousa

Trustee, Union of National Employees

PSAC National Executive Vice-President