Our Mission

The mission of the Union of National Employees, a progressive and democratic component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, is to ensure members, elected officials and staff:

Our Vision

The Union of National Employees is a progressive union where people work together at all levels with mutual respect and dignity to improve the lives of its members and other people.

Our Values

In the pursuit of the Union of National Employees' mission, the following organizational values define the ethics and culture of our component and provide a roadmap for members, elected officials and staff to guide decision-making.

Solidarity: We work in unity, through collective action, with a common responsibility to attain our mission.

Respect: We ensure acceptance and recognition of everyone’s right to self-esteem, dignity and sense of worth.

Integrity: We work and act in a principled, honest and consistent manner to ensure reliability in decision-making that is without regard to personal or political gain.

Leadership: We motivate, guide, take risks, embrace diversity, encourage dialogue and recognize and foster these qualities in others.

Accountability: We are responsible, transparent and answerable and put people first to create an environment imbued with democracy.

Equality: We recognize diversity and promote actions that ensure equal results and opportunities.

Social Justice: We advocate for human rights and fight for social and economic equity.


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