The UNE Bylaws determine the powers and duties of the union. Bylaws can only be modified at Convention. Each change requires the vote of at least two-thirds of our delegates.


The UNE Policies are the blueprint for day-to-day operations of the union. They can be modified by the National Executive during any of their meetings.

Presidential Rulings

This document contains interpretations and rulings rendered by the sitting UNE president. These remain in force unless modified by future presidents or convention rulings.

Resolutions of Record

These are Convention resolutions or National Executive motions, that have an ongoing affect, and direct the actions of the component on a specific matter.  Resolutions of Record from a convention can only be modified at a future convention.  Resolutions of Record established by the National Executive can be modified by a future National Executive or Convention.

PSAC Constitution & Regulations

PSAC's decision-making process for electing leadership, setting bargaining priorities, setting and approving budgets, resolving internal disputes are set out in the PSAC Constitution and regulations.





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